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Age: 0
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Bust Size: 4

Nationality: Cypriot
1 hour, EUR: 50
2 hours, EUR:
All Night, EUR:
Outcall escort: Yes

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Hi how are you?★where you live in.i meet you.

Hey are you in limassol?



Hello. How are you where are you available

How much full night

Ate you available


Iwent to yuo girl 1huor how much

I want price for blow job without, sex and anal

Are you available

I can come to ur place

Hi where are u?

Hi I would like to meet you tomorrow at 5:30p.m if it is possible in your place. Please let me know

Morgen Abend 23.00 Uhr

Larnaka want you now

now i need

now i need

now i need

Can we meet tonight?


Can we meet tonight

Can we meet tonight

Can we meet tonight

Are you available this evening

Can we meet today


Hi how can i make an appoinment?

Hi how can I make an appointment?????



Hello where are you?

You very sexy



send me your details phone number locatoon

1 hour haw much 69 you make in foto you are?

Are you available

Are you available

Are you available

Hello! Dexese minimata apo ginekes i mono andres?


Hi are you Nicosia

±351920246818 whatsapp for meet

Hi i m in nicosia r u available now

Hi are you avaliable

Hi Jikals, are you avaiable in Lsol?

Are u free tonight?

99289452, message please

hi, sorry for late text, do you have any plans for tonight?

Hello Darling I want sex with you? You r agree with me??


Aiya napa

You have WhatsApp number

Hi are you available tonight?

Hi baby

In which city are you?

I’m in larnaca

Wr r u now?

Yes I want sex with u

Now ur free or not

Hello,sex now?

Kalimera se pia perioxi eise

good morning what area are you in

I want to meet you..


I want to meet you today

When and where can i meet you?

I want to meet you tomorrow

I want to meet you today


Tomorrow i meet you.Where are you

hello darling are you ok are you working tonight

Are you availabel in Aphrodite Hills tonight

Hi dear how are you in which location you will be

Where are are you leave?

What town you from

What town in Cyprus

Where are you in Cyprus Moro mou

Hi are you available tonight?


Hi r u which city are you located?

Hi are you available

Available ?

Hi r u available

Hello,sex now?

I want to meet you. In which town are you

Hey are you free tonight? I want to meet????

Are you available tonight ??

Are you busy tonight ??

Hey are you wake ?


Hj wanna meet ?

Tonight i like to come

Hi can we meet

Hi can we meet

But i So bussy Now but go to my after 8

Hi a want tu pasta best night And you amazing

For one hr 50 euro where are you available

Hi I am ejaz


You available

You available

Hi Im in Napa I would like to meet you today, now really, is it possible, and if you can come to me

Hi can i meet you

Hi Jikals, I want to meet you. In which town are you

I want to meet you. In which town are you

I can meet you

Hi can i meet you

Hello are you at larnaca


Hi can i meet you

Where do you live in Limassol exactly?

You have number?


1h sex girls

Can you available now

Apo Larnaca?

Hey where do you live?

Hey Im going to write you in WhatsApp group in few minutes

I live closer un Limassol

Hey hi where r u living

Your the girl in the photo or your different girl?

Hi girle


are u in Nicosia?

Hello are you in Limassol?

I need to see you .how?

I want you for sex

1 hour 50 euro? I live in nicosia I want to meet

In which city do you live

Call me tomorrow sex



hi how are you

Outcall fulnight how much

Hello sweetie where I find you? 99372588

Im in larnaca and i want you

Do u still work in limassol ?

Gia su

What city are you

I am interested

Hi are you available

I want you

What city are you?

Hi there I would love to meet up with you for two hours

Interested. Are you in Larnaca?


Outcall fullnight how much

What city are you ?

Only 20 to 25 min

How much

για χχχ

για χχχ


When you have time and what you give?

I am limassol and looking girl.

Are you available were you from x

When you have time and what you give?

Hi.are you available?